Harmonies for the Haunted

Reviewed by: Derek Miller
Reviewed on: 2005-08-26

Posted 08/26/2005 - 07:51:35 AM by TheBrad:
 Shit, dude, I haven't seen the word "flaneur" since that Futurism and the City course.
Posted 08/26/2005 - 07:01:54 PM by timeout:
 You are the first person I've ever heard that likes stellastarr*'s debut. I was angry that I even paid money for it on my first listen, but now I think it's fabulous. I play it for my friends but they don't get it. I can't wait to hear the new one.
Posted 08/29/2005 - 08:53:33 AM by lovezero:
 nice review. Shawn Christensen's vocals are more suitable to the songs, he has one of the unique vocals in music now. their music to much resemble to english bands especially the cure, pulp...etc again inthis album. they haven't a big hit even in this album but songs are well crafted. there is a good development in their career here. this album reminded me the sounds of Frausdots and Interpol from american bands. best tracks are "Lost In Time", "The Diver", "When I Disappear", "Love And Longing"... one of the best albums in 2005.
Posted 08/30/2005 - 11:18:07 AM by lovezero:
 EDIT: A heartbreaking, touching, sincere album that includes very big hits for the ones who can feel but not for the mainstream.