Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

Reviewed by: Justin Cober-Lake
Reviewed on: 2005-05-23

Posted 05/23/2005 - 08:09:55 AM by pabanks46:
 Boo. The only real criticism I find here is that the songs don't work together. Well, if you look at the types of records that get B's on this site, much less B-, I think you'll see that this record is more than a cut above its like-rated companions. I agree with the TMT & Popmatters reviews more than this one, although this one doesn't really raise any negatives that justify the low rating.
Posted 05/23/2005 - 08:14:33 AM by NickSouthall:
 B- isn't that low a rating. Also, much more attention needs to be made to Pause, still Four Tet's best record and by some margin.
Posted 05/23/2005 - 12:06:42 PM by scooper:
 i think justin's central criticism, that 'ecstatic' doesn't hang together well as an album, is fair and even astute. since that kind of flaw makes for an album that you tend to hold on to even though you almost never listen to it, i'd say B- is more or less right on the money.
Posted 05/23/2005 - 07:18:28 PM by pabanks46:
 I understand the point, but I think it is a flawed one. If you don't really have a problem with the songs, a lack of flow might make the album rating somewhat lower. However, minus a problem with the actual songs, this is usually a minor flaw. Plenty of other records have gotten great reviews despite a greater degree of eclecticism. And that's my point: if your problem is largely just lack of coherance between a set of really good songs, then why rate it at B- where you have a lot of waaay worse records?
Posted 05/24/2005 - 03:34:03 AM by NickSouthall:
 B- isn't that low a rating.
Posted 06/05/2005 - 09:46:05 PM by unblinking:
 Great album. album cohesiveness is overrated. I'd give it an "A-" (since it lacks the immediacy that Hebden has always excelled with). But it's still pretty full of intricate, fascinating sounds. I think it's one that'll grow on you if you give it time.