Mariah Carey
The Emancipation of Mimi

Reviewed by: Todd Burns
Reviewed on: 2005-04-14

Posted 04/14/2005 - 08:20:20 AM by deadbody:
 Good thing you did a review on this. I probably would not have been able to uncover much about this album otherwise.
Posted 04/14/2005 - 09:27:52 AM by :
 No problem!
Posted 04/14/2005 - 07:06:12 PM by srkenney:
 I've been slowly noticing something - as much as (some) people around here consider themselves to be "too cool for pop music" hipsters... inevitably, the top 40 stuff is where the comments are made. Not for the wilfully obscure Icelandic death metal/ klezmer band. So what does that mean? I think it means that more people are reading the reviews for these albums and commenting on them, because they're afraid to admit that they have NO IDEA what any of those other bands sounds like, let alone know enough to make a thoughtful comment. Even though "thoughtful" is sometimes optional anyway...
Posted 04/17/2005 - 10:09:33 AM by srkenney:
 Hahahahaha.... yeah, okay maybe not.