The Bravery
The Bravery

Reviewed by: Sarah Kahrl
Reviewed on: 2005-03-31

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Posted 03/31/2005 - 09:18:34 AM by nhennies:
 Thank you!
Posted 03/31/2005 - 09:46:47 AM by joshweb:
 So you write four straight paragraphs extolling the virtues of The Bravery and their self-titled album, and then give it a D+ because it doesn't set the world on fire? Isn't this rating supposed to be for albums that suck? I find it amusing, though, that the author praised The Mars Volta's gargantuan jerk-off Frances The Mute last month, which is eminently and deservedly more forgettable than this harmless, catchy pop.
Posted 03/31/2005 - 10:42:26 AM by natakulata:
 I must agree with joshweb. If you give the album a D+, meaning that it's shittier than average, you must spend some time describing WHY you feel that way. There are some songs on this album that blow. Why not attack one of those. Maybe next time you could expand on "Unfortunately, it doesn't change the fact that this record is completely forgettable." with some substantive arguement? If you don't like reviewing records or don't have time to write a good review, I'll gladly take your job.
Posted 03/31/2005 - 12:02:28 PM by BillyClyde:
 The score is bullshit. It's a solid pop album. The writer is lazy, and is just swaying to the reactionary-hipster breeze. It's bad to write 80's pop tunes this month, It's good to write 23 minute masturbatory wank fests.
Posted 03/31/2005 - 12:13:52 PM by lovezero:
 i think, this must be considered that this album is debut so critic must be a little bit higher. but i must say that i agree with the writer thatthis self-titled album is not good. they must be unique in their sounds not try to imitate others.
Posted 03/31/2005 - 12:51:21 PM by ectocooler:
 There have been lots of times that I've listened to an album that is impeccably executed, but been completely bored by it. Franz Ferdinand and Strokes - Room On Fire spring to mind. I think the writer captured a very puzzling experience for any music listener with that last line. "They did a perfectly competent job! They actually did a perfectly competent job of doing a more-than-competent job! Why don't I like it?"
Posted 03/31/2005 - 01:25:38 PM by phuett:
 Nobody gives a shit what you people think about The Mars Volta's new album, so why don't you try and keep the comments relevant? You're being no more precise than the author; instead of criticizing her opinion (though it may not have been all that well articulated), why don't you offer yours instead?
Posted 03/31/2005 - 03:29:23 PM by sovietpanda:
 you should at least ATTEMPT to explain why it's forgettable. what an awful review..
Posted 03/31/2005 - 03:48:38 PM by BillyClyde:
 Posted 03/31/2005 - 12:02:28 PM by BillyClyde: "The score is bullshit. It's a solid pop album."
Posted 03/31/2005 - 05:51:33 PM by fmadden:
 I saw the Bravery last summer for the first time, as the opener of four bands, which was funny because they were obviously going to be far more popular than any of the openers. The songs Sarah pointed out are all very good, enjoyable music. Do I think this is a great album? No. There are a handful of pretty bad songs, which some people might enjoy but in the grand scheme of things mar any chance of it being a great album or one you can take seriously. And given Stylus is all about taking its music seriously, I'd give it a C...and I actually bought the album. Again, chalk it up as another Stylus review that shows a little more (or any) editorial oversight would be a good thing. "The Mars Volta's gargantuan jerk-off Frances The Mute"--haha. Sorry, I just enjoyed that.
Posted 03/31/2005 - 11:44:44 PM by deathbysexy:
 I agree that elaborating on why the album isn't good, instead of just writing about why it is, would be a great idea, but I do agree with Kahrl completely. Unless The Bravery wow everyone with an amazing sophomore album, no one is going to remember The Bravery at all 5 years from now. This album hasn't even been out a week, and already the backlash against The Bravery is starting, and it's not just coming from Brandon Flowers. The album is pretty bland and, aside from a few standout tracks, really pretty filler-y. It sounds like they took a class on "New Wave 101", and like too many bands out now (including The Killers), are just rehashing old ideas without bringing anything new to the table. They really don't deserve all the hype that they're getting, but look ready to steal the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, and become MTV's next psuedo-indie darlings.
Posted 04/01/2005 - 06:33:05 AM by MoldyMan:
 i like the review. you'd expect stylus to lay right into the bravery and they dont do it. i think the review shows that this album is just forgetteble and the bravery are gonna dissapear in a year or so. there's no point going into all out attack against it.
Posted 04/01/2005 - 06:37:16 PM by VolatileAcid:
 What a rubbish review! Looking positive for the most part, and then without solid justification you slate them completely. Your review was great for one thing though - i'll remember your name and remember to discount any other reviews you ever write!
Posted 05/02/2005 - 08:34:46 PM by FatKat:
 The review was very honest, though I disagree with the verdict. But, Sarah Kahrl will gain no recognition by stating the obvious. The Bravery are influenced by The Cure this is clear, but the statement is as boring as saying 80's hair bands were influenced by Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Dance music broke down from New Wave in the 90's to bare beats and keyboard, and now it is building back up and bands like The Bravery will replace DJs with a live creation of dancable beats with song structures and lyrics. What they are doing is not new, but it has been missed.
Posted 06/27/2005 - 05:58:47 AM by voskat:
 We're supposed to scream "electroclash" at the mention of New Order, the Smiths and Duran Duran? Err..
Posted 09/29/2005 - 12:00:28 AM by JohnCameron:
 OUCH ZING Anyways, I liked The Bravery. Not sure why. I just liked it.