Kaiser Chiefs

Reviewed by: Nick Southall
Reviewed on: 2005-03-09

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Posted 03/09/2005 - 07:10:25 AM by BillyClyde:
 The album is mediocre at best, but those half dozen single ready tracks are a worthy offering. I could even see "You can have it all" or "Modern Way" hitting in the states if somebody threw some money behind them. It'd be nice if "Oh my God" would hit, but nowadays it's illegal to address God in a less than humble & reverant tone here in the U.S.
Posted 03/09/2005 - 07:48:14 AM by Ferg_OR:
 'Modern Way' totally reminds me of Wire, in an Outdoor Miner-via-Blur sorta way.
Posted 03/09/2005 - 10:14:09 AM by Stargazer:
 " I don’t know what they mean and nor, I suspect, do they" Nice one on cribbing a line from the Dismemberment's Plan "Sentimental Man". At least its a good lyric!
Posted 03/09/2005 - 04:22:02 PM by shrixer78:
 Have not yet heard the album but only about 4 tracks from it. Immediately thought of Blur and Supergrass. Was sad to hear that the album as a whole is a disappointment.
Posted 03/11/2005 - 01:55:59 PM by lovezero:
 i think, "oh my god" is a great tune but the rest of the album is not satisfying. they should work harder on the songs and compositions...
Posted 03/23/2005 - 05:55:51 PM by bassman08:
 I bought this album for 10 bucks at Borders bookstore after hearing only "I Predict A Riot" (which, by the way, is monsterously catchy and strangely satisfying). I would say that about 6 of the tracks have "pretty good" status and the rest of them have "okay" status. The two slower ones (I forget the names) I don't much care for at all. It is nowhere near FF in my opinion. They actually sound nothing like them now that I think about it. I would say that if you took Keane and somehow made them not wrist-slittingly boring and added some gutars and bass, maybe someone like the the Buzzcocks, you may have the Kaiser Chiefs. I agree with the review, but there is something about them that I do like. And "Nananananaa" is a great fucking tune.
Posted 04/18/2005 - 11:53:21 PM by pretentiousfck:
 I bought this cd for six bucks at the record store I work at and for that amount of money it was worth it. Catchy enough to listen to more than once, not great enough to listen to over and over again. Will probably forget about them, but who knows?
Posted 05/02/2005 - 09:03:28 PM by FatKat:
 First of all, the chorus of "I predict a riot" always makes me laugh. This a band that might be in danger of as much undeserving hype as Franz Ferdinand. Why should we worship everything that spews from London's cobbled self-righteous streets? Here is another band lazily strolling behind much more deserving bands that have blazed the trail and paved the way. Though they are not trailblazers, it would be a shame if an interesting band like Bloc Party became diluted by such unworthy company and comparision.