Kenny Chesney
Be As You Are: Songs From An Old Blue Chair

Reviewed by: Anthony Easton
Reviewed on: 2005-02-25

Posted 02/25/2005 - 08:41:30 AM by BillyClyde:
 Maybe i be the first to say "WTF?"
Posted 02/25/2005 - 10:11:34 AM by imprezu21:
 I will second that.
Posted 02/25/2005 - 02:37:48 PM by :
 If either of you would be able to explain your confusion, I would be happy to try to respond.
Posted 02/25/2005 - 06:58:53 PM by BillyClyde:
 It's Kenny fucking Chesney. Only one of the cheesiest, limp-dicked, pop-country losers ever shat upon a sinful Earth.
Posted 02/26/2005 - 01:57:45 PM by :
 One of the main philosophies I have about this site is that each writer should review records on their own terms, not on the terms that haters ahve already lazily ascribed to them. I don't know your particular history with Chesney, but I do know that Anthony gave this record a fair listen and a fair review.

Again, I'm making some assumptions, so please let me know if I'm wrong: you seem to hate pop-country as a genre. Why do you care whether Stylus has writers that cover it or not?

Our mission statement says that we are interested in writing about the records that we love and wish to tell you why. Anthony doesn't love this record obviously, but he does love parts of it, which is why he chose to write about it.
Posted 02/26/2005 - 07:35:17 PM by MyNameIsKenny:
 I thought one of his more recent singles, "I Go Back," was surprisingly well-done and moving. I was gonna reevaluate his work, but I took it all back when I heard him release a love song about a fucking piece of furniture.
Posted 02/27/2005 - 04:15:09 PM by IanMathers:
 Because pop (or country, or rock, or...) has never tended to lionize inanimate objects, no sir.
Posted 02/27/2005 - 06:21:49 PM by Liarbythefire:
 I think most people's problems aren't with Kenny Chesney himself, but with the perception of Chesney from his own fans. Out of all country music fans, I find Chesney's among the most obnoxious. I can tolerate Shania's or Garth's or Toby Keith's (to some extent), or even Gretchen Wilson's, but Kenny Chesney's fans seem to all be early 20-something Southern female college students who get drunk and are WAY TOO LOUD when voicing of their love for his 'music.' Most of their love centers around finding him to be 'attractive,' even though without his hat, he looks like Michael Stipe's older brother. Most male country music fans realize that yes, Kenny Chesney sorta sucks unless they are really that misinformed.