Archer Prewitt

Thrill Jockey
Reviewed by: Peter Funk
Reviewed on: 2005-01-10

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Posted 01/11/2005 - 03:39:03 PM by florenz6:
 A great review. A great record. And one that will definitely be underrated. And it´s a shame. Because all these songs have so much to offer. Interesting, by the way, that we tend to call such works timeless that carry so much history with them (without repeating it).Dear reader, you will read a lot about the new and forthcoming albums of Bright Eyes, Will Oldham, Adam Green and Beck. You will not find so many things written about "Wilderness". In twenty years from now on, it will be reviewed, in "Mojo", filed under "Buried Treasures". Why wait so long? Here is a lot of things we are looking for in great songs: a mood that develops, a tune that stays, a sound that thrills, a picture that moves. And, best of all, there are no big effects, no overwhelming gestures. I love it.
Posted 01/12/2005 - 02:28:14 PM by pmacfunk:
 Well said, florenz. This album grew on me slowly, as is often the case with great records, the four song run in the middle (O Ky, Go Away, Judy Judy, No More) is about as fine a sequence as you'll hear this year.
Posted 01/17/2005 - 10:03:58 PM by browngirl5566:
 i agree with florenz. great review and record and one that like many other faves of mine Grizzly Bear, Kings of Convenience, etc, will be underrated indeed