Harold Budd
Avalon Sutra

Reviewed by: Ron Schepper
Reviewed on: 2004-11-22

Posted 11/22/2004 - 07:55:29 AM by yoshi4:
 Nice review can't wait to check this out. I've loved Budd-man for a while and seen him live once too, he's a true master in the realm of expression. simple realy, y. PS- check out the work he did with Cocteau Twins, it's brilliant.
Posted 11/22/2004 - 08:16:06 AM by florenz6:
 Thanks, Ron, for making me really curious about this new and possibly last work from Harold Budd. His collaborations with Brian Eno ("The Plateaux Of Mirror", just re-released -and "The Pearl") are "ambient classics" and a millon miles away from any dull and dumb new age-stuff.In his later years, Harold Budd sometimes went too smooth for my taste, but still offered surprises from time to time, for example "By The Dawn´s Early Light" and "Luxa", other great works by this man from the Nevada desert.