Various Artists
Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats

Reviewed by: Todd Burns
Reviewed on: 2004-10-07

Posted 03/11/2005 - 07:04:38 PM by djnazz:
 Dear sir: My name is Carlos Machado I'm a dj producer audio engineer and the real one responsable for the 90% of the eletronic & funk music that came to brasil between 1976 to1998. this dj that you quote as a bridge between miami and Rio is only a guy that start to make parties in 1980 and when he came to the funk parties musics like what i like by to live crew already was hits on the parties he is the most know dj by the simple fact that in 1989 a guy called Cidinho cambalhota have a ideia to make a record with lyrics or versions of th music played onthe parties in potuguese . He was a polygram director for international market and used to show video clips on the parties. the idea was invite several dj's every year to make the compillation. But the guy was killed in an assalt and the company didn't know how to fineshed the project that already was running and this person tha had no expression on that time ,but everybody ever was trying to help take the control of the project because the total blindness of the directors of polygram on that time (today they are still blind). The real person behind the moviment is I . I'm tired to see this guy lie. I have and can prove every thing about that now he is famous only because he works in radio station that is top on the market but he is trying to control everything, and I feel in a obrigation to tell the people the true history. persons like Nelson Peres H.L distributors (Miami)Eddie Fonseca JDC (Los Angeles)MR Frank Ramos Downtown Records (Ny)Bibi Jfl (Miami )Joe Alonso Marz Records Jeffrey Collins Echo USA (New jersey) Mr.Nick from downstairs Records Ny only to quote a fill can tell you who I'm. Itravelled during18 years every single month only to buy records and equipaments to the dj's and sound system evrybody knows in Brasil inever was on tv or radio but every dj know i'm the quiet storm I represent the underground this guy is a fake and here I left my protest.