Alter Ego

Klang Elektronik
Reviewed by: Todd Burns
Reviewed on: 2004-09-02

Posted 09/02/2004 - 02:19:43 PM by hutlock:
 What in the fuck ever happened to Mr Oizo anyway? One of my favorite albums in recent memory and he has totally fallen off the radar now. I still have a stuffed Flat Eric even (and I don't want to take any shit about it either, southall...)
Posted 09/06/2004 - 02:31:18 PM by :
 he has a new single out on mute called "stunt". 's rather good.
Posted 11/08/2004 - 02:05:33 PM by feixar:
 A disappointment? The only real disappointment here is the fact that a reviewer of an established magazine can do no better than criticize an album that has everything electronically engineered music needs in the twenty-first century. I'm talking about innovation. Indeed, Transphormer is all about innovation. Alter ego are able to create a sound that isn't 'been here, done that'. I also find it very narrow-minded to constantly refer to 'rocker' in reviewing the other tracks. Indeed, it was a clubhit but that doesn't mean it is automatically the best track. In fact, I think Rocker is one of the less interesting tracks on the album. A few examples. - 'Daktari', which is an extraordinary amusing and catchy track. Where others failed, Alter Ego succeeded in creating music with no more than a few FM drum synths and by using noise as an instrument. Fantastic! - Vincent Van Dance: this piece of music is probably even more refreshing than the title. Feelgood yet dance-music which virtually every party visiter would appreciate when hearing this track entering the mix. - Satanic CIRCUS (not 'circles' as incorrectly referred to in the article): indeed an extremely danceable track. - Even the beatless 'Gate 23 (lost on arrival', which is by no means danceable, deserves the necessary respect. It is a fine example of the outstanding analogue synth-programming skills these producers master. In short, please ignore the narrow-minded opinion of mister Burns. This album demands your attention and enjoying.