David Cross
It's Not Funny

Sub Pop
Reviewed by: Gabe Gloden
Reviewed on: 2004-05-13

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Posted 05/13/2004 - 02:58:27 PM by Gentry_Boeckel:
 "...(his appeal to pro-life groups to “lock arms and block cemeteries” comes to mind)...." Could someone explain this to me?
Posted 05/13/2004 - 04:31:51 PM by gloden:
 I think the full joke went something like, "If you're so pro-life, do me a favor. Don't block med-clinics... lock arms and block cemetaries. Let's see how committed to this premise you are? 'No! She can't come in.' 'She was 80 years old, she was hit by a bus!' 'There's options.'"
Posted 05/15/2004 - 11:32:16 AM by scottmckeating:
 I was aware of him through but never knew his stand up was this good, until this review. Many thanks
Posted 06/14/2004 - 10:58:02 PM by ghewitt:
 Cross can be harsh...Just like Hicks. And also like Hicks...He'll make you think. If your tastes run toward the more mundane ...Like comics that run their hands through their hair, make an obscure reference, and then laugh like a hyena, this guy probably isn't for you. But... If you don't mind someone pushing the envelope while you tag along, Cross fits the bill. As mentioned, Cross compares admirably to the late great Hicks. And also like Hicks, he'll have you laughing your ass off.
Posted 08/16/2004 - 07:04:01 AM by puremyth:
 For any of you out there who have not seen or heard the wonder that is David Cross doing standup, for God's and your own sake, go out and buy it! I promise you will not be disappointed. Maybe it's just me, but every single thing that man says sends me into fits of hilarity. It's like his jokes are custom tailored for my (admittedly twisted) sense of humor. He finds ways to make the most mundane things that we take for granted into completely ridiculous commentaries on our society. I realize a lot of comedians try to do this, but David pulls it off with such a flair, and is so blatantly funny with his "look-this-is-the-way-it-is-whether-you-like-it-or-not" attitude, you can't help but be impressed. He's got a lightning fast wit as well, which makes for some funny moments with audience hecklers. All in all, David Cross is my favorite comedian of all time, and the one celebrity I would ever want to meet and hang out with. Just a hint though: any religious people might as well not waste their money, cause they aren't gonna like what they get with David. For the rest of you, enjoy it! And make sure to watch Mr. Show if you've never seen it. More nonstop hilarity!