Cocteau Twins

Reviewed by: Peter Parrish
Reviewed on: 2004-05-07

Posted 05/07/2004 - 03:39:05 PM by clockoouut:
 So is the 'remaster' work the reason you gave this album a '7'? It's the only spot where you give this album any judgment of value, and this is often considered one of, and arguably THE Cocteau Twins album to own. not a 10, but certainly a 9, imo.
Posted 05/08/2004 - 12:31:42 AM by Gentry_Boeckel:
 How curiously coincidental: My best experience w/ "Treasure" was also while I was taking a long, warm soak. Cheers to dream-pop and baths.
Posted 05/08/2004 - 07:11:26 AM by yoshi4:
 its a nice album, good review. Best of their albums has got to be "the pink opaque" for me tho, Y.