Talkie Walkie

Reviewed by: Derek Miller
Reviewed on: 2004-01-28

Posted 01/28/2004 - 05:59:19 AM by AUnterberger:
 Thank you for writing what is just about the first review of this album that doesn't say "well, the album's OK, but at least it's back in Moon Safari territory, thank god." Totally agreed that 10,000 HZ Legend is the way more interesting, compelling album.
Posted 01/28/2004 - 01:07:22 PM by ESeguy:
 I agree that "10,000..." is indeed the more interesting album, but "Talkie Walkie" is a more focused distillation of what they were trying to do on that record, which I like. They still haven't done anything really good since "Moon Safari"; it's sort of disheartening to see them slip into formless, repetitive guitar-arpeggio frittery.
Posted 01/28/2004 - 11:37:21 PM by IanMathers:
 10,000 HZ is more interesting and compelling, definitely, but there were a few really weak tracks. If it had consisted of the first six songs, 'People In The City' and 'Don't Be Light' (in that order), I'd still own it and it would have been on my list for the year. Instead they tacked on three should-have-been b-sides, at best.
Posted 02/02/2004 - 04:07:04 PM by xyclob:
 I feel like, the missing thing in this lp is 'energy'. moon safari had it (e.g. kelly watch the stars, you can almost dance with it!), 10.000 hz had it (in some other way this time, an darker energy) but in talkie walkie everything gets stoned, we sit there and get stoned to the music... It made me feel like this. Still good though, quality music. Are they gonna be the robbie williams of chill-out?
Posted 12/04/2004 - 03:44:28 AM by mfgdog:
 This album is tight as hell! All i can say is POLISHED. This band somehow manages to soothe me while at the same time jerking my head in six different directions in 10 minutes. These songs will be bubbling through your mind for weeks afterward whether you smoke out or not!Peace
Posted 03/13/2005 - 12:31:48 AM by cherryblossom:
 springtime love. tight. polished. unforgettable. maybe beyond 10,000 HZ.