April 13, 2007
post-easter bloggerina bleats RESURRECTION

paeanut butter worlds

oh good morning! i have been making the rests. doing the other little things at styhuts like here you go. i have also done a couple of things like burningly ambivalent reflections on billboard chart monsters and even my first thing on movies (you may have to register for this, but the oa is good people, and you really should read my friend and unruly half-mentor davey, writing on nashville hot chicken).

i’ve also started a new column thingy for profiles on stylus, with the first two being about Very Favorites marnie stern and max tundra. i also did one with john ryan from excepter, which is quite wily, and will be up soon.

blog needed breeze while i settled in, really. i’ve just been busy. and frankly, not listening to a lot of stuff i’ve needed to share–IF YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT A ROBERT ASHLEY ALBUM SINCE MY LAST POST, I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG–just lying low and drinking hot blood-orange tea and refinishing my floor and working new, fun jobs. today i spent all my money–really, almost all of it–on this, which is to say not on records.

here is what i need to say about the last few months:

- i may have given up on contemporary commercial hip-hop (except for the unfortunate yet hilarious genesis of the new catchphrase, “he shouldn’t'a made it rain then,” especially given that the whole rainmaking thing got a guy’s spine wrecked; also, that new cathedral-burner by young buck–someone help me with a title)

- i may have realized a latent, burning passion for the history and aesthetic of old-school hip-hop (erick sermon listhping “and if it geths warm, take off tha hot sthweata” on “it’s my thing”; this astonishingly great and likely ubiquitous book)

- i may have crossed over to believing that the needling miniatures of early mountain goats records are just slightly better than his more recent stuff, as far as morsels of domestic strife and walloping epiphanies go (cf. “nine black poppies” to “dilaudid,” though both cause a certain volume of inadvertent pants-pissing)

- what is contemporary indie

- why does boring music

- what is guitar

- who is i’m from barcenlona and how much will you give me for my promotional disc

this post is dedicated to lily kane from brooklyn and not the lily kane from veronica mars and lindsey millar and ‘dru beta for putting the heat on.

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