February 27, 2007


people keep telling me that the good, the bad & the queen is a ‘depressing’ record. but i’ve been given to fantasies about losing large quantities of blood, so it’s hard for me to gague. it’s stoner music without the fantasia. just massive fogs. as far as i can tell, few records in the past year have had more warmth and insularity to them. when the world ends you just walk around and everything’s fine i guess–more or less the feeling i’ve had since i’ve gotten back to new york. a special loneliness. it’s the suspended animation of non-horror: damon albarn et al are deaf to whatever crumbling’s going on, because they’ve still got light and streets and noise to greet. or get lost in. so, okay. blur used to write songs like this but they had a shred of hope nestled in; because they did–“coffee & tv”’s refrain of “oh, we could start over again”–a sunny thought would invariably get wedged in. there was an emotional dynamicism. the kinks were always too sharp-witted to cocede to vacancy. to notice shit you have to have your head up, but tg, tb & tq is blank-faced shoe-shuffling–with nothing at stake, wry brit sociology has finally petered out to the comforts of total disengagement. very modern.

other than that i’ve been pretty much immersed–really, totally obsessed with–70s new music composition. i’ve repped robert ashley enough here; what i hadn’t heard until recently was david behrman’s gloriously inert on the other ocean (even more white-label ‘celestial highways’ meditation-tape lubed than ashley, even) and the fairly brain-soldering leapday night, which has the uncanny feel of doing a shit-ton of very hot, very intent moving through warped trumpet lines and organ clusters, but not actually going much of anywhere. there’s always been a sun but leapday night has been a magnifying glass right above my brain.

elsewhere, gordon mumma and non-i am sitting in a room alvin lucier (particularly, the evasive moans of music on a long thin wire). every record on lovely seems like it could destroy my new new york life, still shaking off placenta.

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