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By: Todd Burns

Posted 05/19/2004 - 11:10:21 AM by Derek_Miller:
 Todd, I thought Coloma's Finery was one of the better vocal-based microhouse efforts I'd heard until Matthew Dear's newest. Undeniably British though, ain't it? I searched all over hell for the Phantom/Ghost, but sadly Minneapolis doesn't offer much of a market for German-based electronica. Thanks for reminding me to reinstitute the search though. . .
Posted 05/19/2004 - 11:38:30 AM by GavinM:
 This is more props than Party Club deserves.
Posted 05/19/2004 - 12:48:30 PM by holystoning:
 I'd still sort of like to see a Kelley Stoltz review...
Posted 05/19/2004 - 01:52:27 PM by badhaircut:
 I'm disappointed that you didn't pick up on the last TRS-80 record. Shake Hands With Danger got reviewed at Popmatters but neither you nor Pitchforkmedia (as if the three of you constitute All That Matters) even gave it a mention. What gives? Anyway, you've reviewed a bunch of albums several months aftr their release date. You could -- and I'd like to say should -- give this a listen and a few words.
Posted 05/19/2004 - 10:28:05 PM by jrothman:
 I'm still amazed that "Magnolia Electric Co." wasn't universally recognized as the best album of last year. It's amazing -- all the more so for being so resolutely uninterested in what was cool in 2003.
Posted 05/20/2004 - 02:05:48 AM by :
 bad haircut: i've heard the record and wasn't all that enamoured of it, hence the non-review.