Movie Review
Kill Bill: Volume Two

By: Josh Timmermann

Posted 04/27/2004 - 04:04:21 AM by JacobDEvans:
 Jesus Christ. When are we going to stop comparing every single goddamn thing to September 11? It's lazy and stupid and annoying and people should Cut That Shit Out Right Now. "Kill Bill Vol 2" is a kung-fu movie, not a political diatribe or a metaphor or anything else that doesn't involve people trying to kung-fu one another to death. It was also boring and slow and anticlimactic and the least-human film Tarrantino has made: the entire thing rings of falsehood and pretense. The characters are flat and boring and lacking in any real depth. Watching this volume just made me wish I was watching the first one, which didn't bother hiding what it was about: people chopping each other with swords. It was a good time.
Posted 04/29/2004 - 02:15:28 PM by Hubajube:
 Jacob, you beat me to the punch there. That 9/11 comparison is a stretch.