Staff Top 10
Top Ten Solos*

By: Scott McKeating and Ian Mathers

Posted 04/07/2004 - 11:53:30 PM by thom_m:
 I feel like you're leaving out the solo in Xiu Xiu's "Hives Hives" here. It's the most perfect wail of feedback and hum and who knows what. And the way it works on top of those drums... man. I listen to the last minute of that song so much.
Posted 04/08/2004 - 08:22:16 AM by hometapes:
 At the Gates really oughta transcend the all-encompassing curtain of metal that we aren't allowed to look's not all hairy-backed men. There's also less-hairy-backed-Swedish men...there's a definite level of restraint and sorrow that was in their music... And oh yeah: Thanks for reminding me about the Judgment Night Soundtrack...Emilio would be proud. :D
Posted 04/12/2004 - 05:36:35 PM by fucttape:
 loved watching Perry of the Cure play that lil' piano on Mtv's unplugged with all the candles and tapestrys - great performance. off the top of my head solos i like (in no order) the edge's guitar in 'love is blindness', the xyelephones in violent femmes 'gone daddy gone', the horns in "Peaches En Regalia" by Frank Zappa, and all of the many different instruments in Edgar Winter's 'frankenstein'
Posted 04/14/2004 - 02:16:08 PM by mephistopholes:
 Billy Corgan's guitar solo on the track "Here is no Why" off of Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness is much better than "Hummer." Both are good solos, but the intricacy of his part-writing between the 3 guitar parts, the incorporation of the mellotron, and the subtle backing by the bass and drums make this solo a much better choice. The solo from "Soma" is amazing, too. And the solo from "Maynonaise" is just as well placed as "Hummer" Billy Corgan always writes a great guitar solo because it's never about the guitar solo! It's about the taking the song to a new place. Giving the song a lift. I'd take a Billy Corgan solo over most other guitarists. And were I making the list, "Here is no Why" would beat out all competitors. Speaking of competitors, how the hell can you leave off David Gilmour? I've got one word for you: Echoes. The groove from about 7:00 to 11:00 in that song is one of the most wonderful moments in music, and his guitar work there is so compositionally tasteful and perfect. Just because he's made it onto most solo top whatevers, doesn't mean you can just write him off. Also, I'm perplexed by the Radiohead choice. Mainly because their catalogue contains so many better selections! The brass section solo in "The National Anthem" comes to mind immediately. Other solos worth mentioning: King Crimson (Robert Fripp, guitar) "Exiles"; Tool (Adam Jones, guitar) "Parabola"; Tori Amos's piano solo in "Black-Dove (January)"; and the piano solo in "Just Like You Imagined" by Nine Inch Nails. Not that there aren't better choices than these, but those choices certainly weren't on your list. By the way to knock solos based purely on the genre they are a part of is immature and idiotic (you can't deny that "Sweet Child O' Mine" has a great guitar solo).
Posted 05/02/2004 - 05:48:16 PM by IanMathers:
 "compositionally tasteful"?
Posted 12/08/2004 - 09:41:18 PM by zamp_m:
 I can't believe you picked Plumtree as the number one solo, Plumtree is probably my absolute favorate band ever. I am from Halifax and have been in several bands and we once had the opertunity to play a show with plumtree in 1998, this is when I first saw them play, I liked them but I didn't realy get into them until 2 years ago when the guitarest in my new band suggested playing "Scott Pilgrim" in one of our shows, then I was hooked,