Movie Review
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

By: Jen Cameron

Posted 04/02/2004 - 02:10:40 PM by busabus:
 It truly was a wonderful movie. My favorite of the year so far...the soundtrack was perfect and the Director of Photography deserves an Oscar for the way it was filmed. Really beautiful, I think
Posted 04/08/2004 - 04:05:15 AM by pvincent:
 Didn't Carrey already make that transition, in "The Truman Show"? I know what you mean - I too was allergic to his gurning-ninnie persona, and almost didn't watch "The Truman Show" on that account. I was glad I did, so thanks for the heads-up that this film also falls into that rare category of "great Carrey performances"!
Posted 05/30/2004 - 06:57:01 PM by Nick_S:
 Furthermore, what about "Man on the Moon"?... He was definitely not cast a facepulling weirdo, but rather, a fascinatingly odd character--Andy Kaufman. That being said, I can respect approaching Carrey flicks with trepidation.
Posted 04/14/2005 - 06:28:35 PM by cables:
 This movie battles with sideways for my favorite of the year. The character development, visual effects, and music are all incredible. Overall, an amazing film.