Movie Review
Academy Fight Song - A Non-Definitive Guide to Oscar Night

By: Jay Millikan

Posted 03/03/2004 - 01:05:10 AM by IanMathers:
 Yeah, Penn did a good job... but Murray gave the performance of a fucking lifetime. He wuz robbed. Agreed with City of God for cinemetography though.
Posted 03/03/2004 - 10:20:46 AM by camlindsay:
 I agree wholeheartedly about David Gordon Green for an original screenplay nod. Yet, I got the feeling that the film had a lot of improv from the actors, am I right? Zooey Deschanel was excellent and you are not alone in your love for her.
Posted 03/03/2004 - 10:58:43 AM by abrokenlull:
 i have to agree with the brilliance of Hulk. although it's an uneven film (too repetitive sometimes) it did an amazing job taking it the fuck out of the usual comic book film by giving it heart and a mind. and you can't go wrong with eric bana. and btw, i probably stand alone on this one but i didn't think Capturing the Friedmans deserved the actual Oscar. it was interesting but i'm glad Morris won for Fog of War.
Posted 03/03/2004 - 03:45:50 PM by SpecialK:
 Is anyone else mortified by Lord of the Rings at this point? I haven't seen the third installment, but from what I've been told it's not wildly different from the first two. The films are certainly visually impressive (though I felt City of God was much more so, but I dislike computer/green screen effects), but good lord could the emotion be more contrived, obvious and boring? Fans say it's the ultimate tale of friendship, but does friendship have to be a knowing smile before jumping into a battle or blubbering at a companion's death (when said companion inevitably surfaces later). I don't dislike it because it has elves and dwarves. . .I dislike it because it's just not good. And another thing, Fuck New Zealand.