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Top Ten Songs That Are Most Definitely NOT About Love

By: Nick Southall

Posted 02/18/2004 - 08:12:45 PM by fraew001:
 the most scatterlogical and pointless article you've ever done. also the best, and funniest.
Posted 02/19/2004 - 04:11:56 AM by NickSouthall:
 Do you mean 'scatalogical'? 'Cos that means "related to shit"? If so, thanks!
Posted 02/19/2004 - 01:03:00 PM by holystoning:
 Hee hee hee... 'maths'...
Posted 02/20/2004 - 01:55:44 AM by camlindsay:
 Kudos for including "The Rock".
Posted 02/23/2004 - 06:18:24 PM by kilian:
 good to see more discussion of "wired for sound". that song can't be praised enough.
Posted 10/20/2004 - 05:06:21 AM by AreUListening:
 Um...MMMBop is not about death. It's about friendship. "In an mmmbop they're gone, in an mmmbop they're not there" means that friends come and go in an "mmmbop." An MMMBop means: a moment in time..a mili-second or so. So it means that you will have so many friends in this life, but only the true ones who really care will always be there.