Playing God
The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs

By: Nate De Young

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Posted 01/27/2004 - 10:27:25 AM by cjdavis3:
 Nate, You left out Fido? I Don't Believe in the Sun? 'Busby Berkeley' saved this mix. Good try. This "perfect mix of 69 Love Songs" is an ongoing squabble in my circle. Yes, we have other things to do. Cheers!
Posted 01/27/2004 - 11:33:52 AM by IanMathers:
 It's a good mix, certainly, and with so many songs to choose from I'm sure everyone's going to have at least one song they'd want on there, but... no 'All My Little Words'?
Posted 01/27/2004 - 12:16:06 PM by kdescher:
 Nice article. Back in May, the writer Rick Moody did an essay for the Believer about this very subject. Well worth checking out.
Posted 01/27/2004 - 03:13:56 PM by AUnterberger:
 To me, your 16 tracks are about as miscellaneous as if I put all three discs in a CD changer, hit random and recorded down the first 16 tracks. But that's fine--that's not a knock on your choices as much as it is a testament to the album, how everyone can have totally individual favorites without any emerging as absolutely superior to the rest.
Posted 01/27/2004 - 05:09:10 PM by ESeguy:
 This was a nice try, and like Andrew, I mean that in a way that acknowledges that this mix does have a certain level of cohesion, is likely filled with your own personal value, and even still doesn't really satisfy me. It's a good mix, basically, but I'm really anti when it comes to listening to a truncated version of this album. I would much prefer if everyone set aside three hours and listened to every song; it's draining, overwhelming, and blissful--in short, everything Merritt meant to convey.
Posted 01/28/2004 - 02:57:20 AM by buni02:
 I find your frequent allusions to sarcasm and bitterness indicative of what must be your peculiar take on love. In fact, after reading your almost singularly jaded (for example, reading My Sentimental Melody as accepting of the "lame fate...of love")interpretation of an album equally hopeful and desperate, I have to feel sorry for your ex-girl/boyfriends...Still, I applaud you for taking on such a difficult and controversial task, and am thankful that someone introduced you to the Magnetic Fields and thus enabled you to write this very interesting and bold article.