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The Fall of Ja Rule

By: Scott McKeating

Posted 01/29/2006 - 12:50:10 PM by tylerevans5151:
 This is a prime example of an author that truly does not understand DMX. You are an idiot and you sound like one in this article. DMX is a dark, grimmy and sinful motherf*****, but tahts why people buy his music. All you got is negative things to say. Hey, how many records do you sell a year? That's what i thought. And i bet your a** if you seen X in the streets you wouldnt be trying to tell him how fake he is white boy. So go complain to your punk rock "dudes" and your gay rights activist boyfriend cuz no one reading this article wants to hear about that. You obviously know nothing about X, and yo, ignorance kills.
Posted 01/29/2006 - 12:52:56 PM by tylerevans5151:
 Just to add to my previous comment; it is no wonder you are writing for some shi**y as* magazine that i have never heard of. Have fun dissing rappers, i hope you think your cool.