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Top Ten Songs with Raps in the Middle

By: Cosmo Lee

Posted 10/19/2007 - 08:41:27 AM by thepuffin:
 What?! No "Radio Song"? REM + KRS1 = Awesome. This is criminal! Criminal, I say!
Posted 10/19/2007 - 10:24:42 AM by qwerty:
 Paul Parker and Des Walker have got some explaining to do
Posted 10/19/2007 - 12:17:46 PM by DenverHughes:
Posted 10/19/2007 - 12:58:09 PM by The_Big_Crunch:
 The only song I could think of when I saw this topic was "Radio Song" (REM w/KRS-1), yet it didn't even make the cut? Huh?
Posted 10/19/2007 - 02:55:57 PM by tomraymond:
 Technically, KRS1's rap is at the end of Radio Song, not the middle. But yeah, very odd omission. Or maybe ol' Cosmo just plain forgot about that one. Fun, painful viewing of the songs that did make the list though.
Posted 10/19/2007 - 03:14:47 PM by bigsur78:
 Kool Thing Sonic Youth maybe not technically a rap but it's Chuck D I thought it would be here.
Posted 10/19/2007 - 05:29:25 PM by cosmokane31:
 Neither the REM nor Sonic Youth are bad nor good enough to make this list. Otherwise, we'd have to enter Judgment Night soundtrack territory. You don't want to go there.
Posted 10/21/2007 - 02:12:44 PM by draglikepull:
 Only shoegaze rap ever? A lot of Dalek could fairly be called shoegaze rap.
Posted 10/21/2007 - 02:19:59 PM by AdamPark:
 Only black guy on the team? Your football knowlegde is a little lacking...
Posted 10/22/2007 - 05:23:32 PM by barbarian:
 Excellent job, Cosmo. I was laughing the second I read the title.
Posted 10/25/2007 - 05:53:16 PM by Aries2012:
 I believe you got Colin Angus and Mr. C mixed up. God I'm such a geek.