On First Listen
Randy Newman

By: Andrew Gaerig

Posted 10/10/2007 - 12:56:21 PM by mjreisenauer:
 Holy Crap! You missed the greatest album of all - the first one: Randy Newman (Creates Something New Under the Sun). I mean, it's definitely on par with Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper. It's brilliant.
Posted 10/10/2007 - 01:54:33 PM by grandbanks:
 Randy can be pretty great, no joke, and I have a recommendation for anyone who likes wry, observational songwriting. Parker Paul was an early guy on Jagjaguwar (before they started getting all of the press), and his album Wingfoot is truly a gem. Great playing (he is a pianist, but there are drums and guitar as well) and really singular lyrics, hard to describe but manage to be full of heart, humor and serious commentary usually within a single song. Can't recommend it enough. Jason Molina and David Berman are both fans, if that means anything.
Posted 10/12/2007 - 10:17:48 AM by mrrrty:
 I find your reading (listening?) of "Rednecks" interesting. As a college boy at LSU who went in dumb and in December will come out dumb, too, I'd always read the entire song as a Southerner writing about the South from a Northern perspective. Hence, the "we're keeping the n-ers down" line isn't him checking his love for the South, it's meant to show that the North are just as guilty of racism as we are down here. The song's final verse ("the North has set the n-er free ... free to be put in a cage in Harlem, free to be put in a cage in Boston, etc.) seems to point towards this, as well.