Stylus Magazine’s Non-Definitive Guide to the Romantic Comedy

By: Stylus Staff

Posted 09/24/2007 - 10:35:27 AM by cwperry:
 Wow, great choices! Bringing Up Baby, The Apartment, and A Woman Is a Woman all came to my mind and lo and behold here they are!
Posted 09/24/2007 - 11:00:06 AM by scooper:
 with george cukor and grant-hepburn ("bringing up baby") represented elsewhere on the list, it's splitting hairs to suggest "philadelphia story" over those selections; in fact, see them all.
Posted 09/25/2007 - 10:47:07 AM by karlkafka:
 this is a pretty good article. does anyone know of any other really good place online to read about movies? opinion-style, not imdb.
Posted 09/25/2007 - 11:02:18 PM by evanw60:
Posted 09/26/2007 - 08:53:32 AM by scooper:
 @kafka: is a good jumping-off point, as is; both link you to reviews (usually print, although not exclusively) of featured movies.
Posted 09/26/2007 - 12:54:28 PM by karlkafka:
 thanks for the tips. i've used rottentomatoes a lot, but I'm getting tired of it, it mostly seems to collect a bunch of really generic opinions. that notcoming site seems great so far, and sensesofcimena seems good too. sometimes its hard to find opinion on film that isn't too generic, but isn't too academic and dry. i'm just always in search of really great movies.