Stop Making Sense vs. The Last Waltz

By: David Holmes

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Posted 08/30/2007 - 08:34:54 PM by mklear:
 Yeah, SMS wins. Last Waltz may be good and all, but SMS is simply the best movie I have ever seen. People give me shit when I say a concert film is my all time fav, but long ago I decided I'm right and they're wrong. Helps me sleep. So many brilliant moments. David's pacing before Life During Wartime, the entirety of Naive Melody (I would watch nothing but that forever. Alex Weir's hopping, David's look back, the fact that David actually does the cliche "He can have chemistry with a lamp!"), the high five between Weir and Scales, the repeating end of Found a Job, the mic grab in Once in a Lifetime, What A Day That Was' intensity, hell, even Genius of Love is good despite the fact most people recognize it as a Mariah Carey song. So, I may worship at the Byrne's feet, but this film gives me warm feelings. Basically, this and the Sandlot are the greatest movies ever. Suck it, if you disagree.
Posted 08/30/2007 - 09:48:09 PM by nixonian:
 i havent seen Stop Making Sense, and have seen the Last Waltz a few times, but what makes SMS the winner for me is hearing the story behind the Last Waltz. Like Robertson was the only member of the Band who wanted them to break up; that Robertson and Scorcese had to be manhandled into including shots of Danko, Manuel, Hudson and Helm, and there are still very few shots of them; that the band had secretly turned off Robertson's mic because he's egomaniacal singing was ruining the songs, and then Robertson promptly dubbed in his vocals at the mixing stage so that he appears to be singing his heart out; that Neil Diamond was only included because Robertson was making an album with him at the time, and none of the rest of the Band wanted him there; that Muddy Waters was only included because Helm threatened to not play if he was excluded (and he had his playing time cut down too). the whole thing got turned into the Robertson and Scorcese show. kind of ruins the movie when you watch it with all that in mind.
Posted 08/30/2007 - 10:44:57 PM by Duell-:
 I know this is purely a comparison of the films, but it'd be cool to see the soundtrack albums themselves compared here. I guess the main question would be "which sucks less without the movie in front of you?" I'd give that one to SMS too.
Posted 09/26/2007 - 12:02:19 PM by unforgetable:
 While SMS is an attention-grabbing performance, you really cannot even compare the Talking Heads to The Band, let alone the 'guest stars' such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchelle, Van Morrison, Paul Butterfeild, Clapton, Muddy Waters, etc. These people made and revelutionized rock and roll and folk rock. To even waste time comparing the two is laughable; this is where rock and roll stemmed from and led to the formation on the Talking Heads. The Last Waltz is a piece of history, and captures so much more than a mere performance, it shows a time revelutionizing and changed the way people thought. To have this on film is magic in the making. Perhaps you should watch The Last Waltz once more turn it up MUCH louder this time, you might capture more than you realize.