The Diamond
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

By: Ian Cohen

Posted 07/03/2007 - 04:59:11 AM by nixonian:
 why all the Rage hating? And Linkin Park's lyrics are awful. When i was 16 i wanted to hear lyrics that i couldn't have written, not lyrics i could have bashed out after a bad day at school. Kudos to LP for the hip hop angle, but i always got the sense they were trying a bit too hard...
Posted 07/03/2007 - 09:13:56 AM by raskolnikov:
 Aside from "rap metal" or "nu metal", this music could also be called "utter bullshit", "fucking mindless wankery", or "consumer product for uneducated teenaged boys". This column really sums up what Stylus is about--pretentions of cultural sophistication tempered with admiration for anything that ultimately makes some asshole very very rich. Nicely done, folks, you've made yourselves even sillier with this....
Posted 07/03/2007 - 10:39:34 AM by meatbreak:
 Can you please not describe Slipknot as 'underground black metal'. Fucking hell.
Posted 07/03/2007 - 12:53:34 PM by remission_:
 Though i'm sure the most elitist music snobs would disagree (and i'm looking at one of the comments above as i say that), I agree with the writer that Linkin Park actually had the potential to not be shitty. And out of all the mindless nu-metal i listened to around the turn of the century, they are the only ones who make me laugh rather than shudder in shame (which is to suggest that even though they suck now, they werent half bad at the time, whereas the other bands always sucked and i hadnt realized it yet). Also, i second the idea of not describing Slipknot as "underground black metal".
Posted 07/03/2007 - 03:15:30 PM by syurix:
 "The most unexpected Coachella headliner of all time thought they were Public Enemy reimagined as a rock band, but it's not hard to trace a timeline from "Killing In the Name" being used as an excuse to tell your parents to increase that allowance to the mayhem of Woodstock '99."... Thank you for summing up my fundamental problem with Rage. No wonder the kids who flunked shop class with that on their headphones are now using it to torture Iraqi detainees (I wish I was making that up.) As for this article; as much as I hated this shit in my late teens, I'm sort of fascinated by it now. Maybe it has to do with it being the kind of collective phenomenon that'll never happen again (at least with the current model) or maybe it has to do with the fact that I rode this shit out with third wave mall emo I still feel a great deal of affection for. At a certain point, you just admit that if you were entitled to catharticly loop the second Saves The Day record, maybe the steakheads are every bit as entitled to love Linkin Park. Either way, someone is at least moved (maybe in the way you only can be at that age); which is more than I can say the whole "garage rock" revival ever did for me or anyone I know.
Posted 07/03/2007 - 06:16:49 PM by jed666:
 "No wonder the kids who flunked shop class with that on their headphones are now using it to torture Iraqi detainees"...honestly nothing more needs to be said