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Top Ten Crushing Disappointments

By: Jayson Greene

Posted 06/15/2007 - 07:51:51 AM by andries:
 I couldnt agree more with The Love Below, Load, The Green Album, Kingdom Come...But late Registration? Thats a quality record. My only problem with this list is how obvious most of the choices are. Nas isnt a neccessary inclusion! We all know how dissapointing he is.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 08:10:54 AM by Zurich:
 I didn't mind the departure of atmosphere on Antics. From the minute I heard, "WE AIN'T GOIN TO THE TOWN, WE'RE GOING TO THE CITY," I was convinced Interpol were going someplace special and I just held on for the ride. :-D
Posted 06/15/2007 - 08:45:44 AM by thepuffin:
 While "Turn On the Bright Lights" contains some of Interpol's best songs, I think that as an album, "Antics" is far superior.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 10:34:17 AM by mcgregor:
 Room on Fire? Antics? Get a grip man, both are great records in their own right. what great band copies there first record on their second record, it's called evolving, or growing. your right on about load, no code, green album, kingdom come, etc but antics and room on fire showcase why both of those bands are great, rather than just another bullshit post punk knockoff bullshit like the bravery or some other nameless crap act. you should really re-listen, reptilia is a fucking classic.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 10:48:56 AM by Garret:
 That Weezer/Pavement story is awesome. Mostly because as a youth, S&E; came along and redefined how I thought about music and replaced Pinkerton as my favorite album ever. Also, Antics sucks.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 10:51:23 AM by cables:
 I'll agree with you on personal level when it comes to antics. I understand that it's a great album but it definately looses the coldness that made totbl one of my fav albums of the new millenium.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 11:36:41 AM by cuneyt81:
 Yeah, Antics and Late Registration are, I believe, superior to their predecessors. The rest of the albums on this list are disappointing though. However, I never liked Metallica, so I couldn't have been disappointed.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 11:44:59 AM by karlkafka:
 this list is pretty spot on. if you think antics is good, you missed what was good about turn on the bright lights. if you think late registration is good, you should start listening to hip hop other than late registration. and nas... i wish he could make something as perfect as illmatic again, but the least he could do was make something worth listening to more than one time. that album was stale before i heard it.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 11:47:00 AM by karlkafka:
 room on fire is also worse than is this it, by a long shot. but seriously, who still listens to the strokes anyway?
Posted 06/15/2007 - 12:26:19 PM by cwperry:
 Dude, you didn't figure out that The Strokes sucked on their first album? Just funnin' ya.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 01:38:15 PM by traydeuce:
 I actually liked the Nas album though... it's a little preachy, but Gangstarr made whole albums in the same vein and they're critically revered. There are a lot of highlights, Hold Down the Block, Still Dreamin, Black Republican, Money over Bullshit, Can't Forget About You, even the collabo with Snoop. Late Registration though, you're right on about that.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 01:42:18 PM by speaking:
 I too thought that slanted and enchanted was the new weezer.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 01:43:38 PM by florenz6:
 I did´t want to say anything anymore about them, but now I know, why I do it once again. YOU BRING THEM UP, AGAIN AND AGAIN! I don´t know who thought that the Strokes were that great except brainwashed music-journalists, promo-departments, fashion magazines, drugged teenagers and kids between 7 and 12 looking for a new toy! The first album was simply so unbearably bad that anyone who still draws a serious association to the class of Television´s Marquee Moon, cannot be taken very seriously, sorry! So, Little Matters, do your Clown thang!:)
Posted 06/15/2007 - 02:27:41 PM by draglikepull:
 Room On Fire is every bit as good as Is This It? in my book. I'd also say that Late Registration is Kanye's better album, and Antics, while not as good as TOTBL, still has some pretty great songs. But then, I also think that Load is a decent album, so what do I know?
Posted 06/15/2007 - 04:17:24 PM by mirakle:
 Given the reviews for both Interpol's and The Strokes' debuts, I found both albums kind of disappointing, because neither of them ended world hunger/changed how I perceived music/blah blah blah. By the time the second albums came around I at least knew what to expect.
Posted 06/15/2007 - 04:20:49 PM by AKMoose:
 Fun article, and the S/E-New Weezer story is pretty cute. However, I must once again defend the Green Album as an enjoyable half-hour helping of pop that I honestly don't see the problem with, and of course point out that calling *that* album a disappointment when the same band released Maladroit and another album I don't even want to NAME is blasphemous.
Posted 06/16/2007 - 07:16:22 AM by 24robbers:
 yeah, but the green album ensured that no one would really give a shit about either of those two albums. speaking of weezer and disappointments, anyone heard the new ozma album? :(
Posted 06/16/2007 - 10:27:20 AM by florenz6:
 Oh, well: Following these crushing disappointments (Interpol- HURCH!) , I ended up finding Jason´s writing about one of my all-time favourite-songs, "Waterloo Sunset". Very Well-done, but of course, in the comments, the embarrassing narrowmindedness of Raskolnikov.
Posted 06/16/2007 - 02:09:49 PM by Antoine:
 I love The Love Below. It's a ridiculous mess, yeah, but ridiculous in a good way. Enough great songs to justify its existence on a basic level (most notably "Roses", "Dracula's Wedding" and a certain Stylus-approved single), and the more eccentric moments just make it fun. Late Registration sucks though, yeah.
Posted 06/16/2007 - 02:32:49 PM by Richie_A:
 Antics was a solid (if slightly predictable) follow-up to the first Interpol album, but based on what I've heard from the new one, *that's* the real crushing disappointment coming..
Posted 06/18/2007 - 07:10:23 AM by raskolnikov:
 You know what they say--the truth always hurts Germans worse than any other nationality, Florenz6....
Posted 06/18/2007 - 07:50:30 AM by florenz6:
 Which truth, Dr. Schiwago?? And speaking of "the Germans.." shows your kind of thinking very well. So, which truth, buddy??
Posted 06/18/2007 - 08:15:09 AM by florenz6:
 P.S. And, Dr. Schiwago, what about "the French" and "the Italians", not to forget "the Indians". What about "the Peruvians", "the Norwegians", "the Japanese"! What really hurts, egghead, is arrogance mingled with ignorance...
Posted 06/18/2007 - 10:51:43 AM by stevemarth:
 THUS, I remain the only person on Earth who actually thinks "Load" is a great album. But I also think "No Code" is my favorite Pearl Jam album, and I love The Cure's "Wild Mood Swings," so what the fuck do I know?
Posted 06/18/2007 - 01:09:49 PM by stevemarth:
 Just to clarify. I should've used "good" instead of "great" in reference to Load. But despite the shock-to-the-system that was inevitable when it was released, at face value it is a solid collection of decent-to-great songs that sound fresh and unique, and free of the usual trappings of a band trying to make "metal." Though I suppose it was still a pretty crushing disappointment at the time.
Posted 06/18/2007 - 11:13:55 PM by weisel:
 I was pretty disappointed with _Don't Tell A Soul_ by the Replacements. Kind of like you said about Metallica, DTAS just did not sound the way the Replacements should. I also knew in my gut they would never sound the same again and they never did.