Movie Review
Year of the Dog

By: Andy Slabaugh

Posted 05/11/2007 - 05:29:42 PM by cwperry:
 Agreed. SPOILERS AHEAD: The movie is a bit of a mess, its intentions never get ironed out, and it tackles half a dozen different topics at once and none of them dominate enough to give the movie a consistent theme. 1) Molly Shannon's character can't relate to people, especially men. 2) Molly Shannon's character falls in love with Peter Sarsgaard's, taking up half of the movie on this topic that is suddenly over when Sarsgaard says, mysteriously, that he is celibate--the topic is never broached again. What?? 3) Molly Shannon's character finds solace in animals because she can't relate to people. 4) Molly Shannon's character--initially only to impress Sarsgaard's--becomes a vegan and animal activist, which by the end of the film seems to be the main point. All of this serves to create a real mishmash that is at least inoffensive to watch. That is, unless you are a paranoid nutbag who thinks vegetarianism is a leftwing conspiracy.