Times New Viking

By: Kevin J. Elliott

Posted 03/13/2007 - 07:28:42 PM by grandbanks:
 This is a great interview, as far as I really like the band's answers (considering the drummer is the brother of the interviewer it really could have gone either way, but actually came out really well, I think). That first Siltbreeze record really grew on me, though it is certainly no ground-shaker or monster, just pretty good (and reminiscent of a whole lot of early 90s indie, which seems to be the next cyclic touchstone i.e. Clockcleaner as well (and a particular weakness of mine)). Anyone who thought that Thermals record was good should check it out, has some of the same simple dynamics but from a completely different yet just as catchy angle. If the new record truly is a step forward then they may really be something to get excited about. Right now it is just a reminder of a different time, but a pleasant one.