A Kiss After Supper
Uncle Buck

By: Jack Feerick

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Posted 03/01/2007 - 04:39:05 PM by saltlick:
 Interesting article, but I have to say, the name of this column is horrendous. I've always thought so but never said anything, so here I am saying it.
Posted 03/01/2007 - 04:53:51 PM by jackfeerick:
 Heh. Having come on board Stylus fairly late in the game, I always wondered about the name of the column, myself; I assume it's derived from this quote.
Posted 03/01/2007 - 06:39:21 PM by saltlick:
 I just said that because I have an irrational hatred for the word supper. It disgusts me.
Posted 03/01/2007 - 09:30:15 PM by jackfeerick:
 Ah. Well, you see, out in farm country, where Stylus was raised, dinner is your big meal what you eat in the middle of the day. You fancy city folks'd call it "dinner," I reckon.
Posted 03/01/2007 - 09:31:22 PM by jackfeerick:
 That is to say, "...call it lunch." I've had a good feed and may be tanked up on good wine.