Fiat Listening

By: Theon Weber

Posted 02/20/2007 - 07:35:15 AM by meatbreak:
 You can't do that with I-Pods anymore, can you? At least, I couldn't last weekend nor any other times I tried. You and those girls must all have first wave machines or something. Interesting article on the possesiveness we lay on our materia. This is the difference between a hoarder and someone who just acquires stuff I guess. I've lost loads of things to friends that I wouldn't mind having back (Ultrasound gatefold album, first edition Gorky's Tatay, Mogwai's 'Blur: Are Shite' t-shirt etcetcetc...). It doesn't really matter though. Can you really cherish all this stuff so dearly that you genuinely miss it, or is it just the nagging hole in a complete run of releases that you can feel? One is an emotional attachment, the other is just OCD.
Posted 02/20/2007 - 06:27:41 PM by PeteGuy:
 Mmm, interesting stuff. I am a notorious hoarder/anti-lender/archivist, call me what you will.. But I don't see anything wrong in prefering to not lend out your swag; I'd much rather do a copy - or indeed I'm always making compilations for mates. I also think the vast majority of true music fans are interested in the physicality of having a collection. Surely that's part of the fun - and the gentle ego-massaging. Either way, I simply don't like lending for the obvious reason, I may never see it again. And that's what having a record collection is about. Plus through experience I'm not overly keen on seeing my records used as a coffee mug mat.

ps: I wish there were more of these Soul Seeking pieces.
Posted 02/21/2007 - 12:54:08 AM by :
 More of these soulseeking pieces? I`d lend out my computer to an enemy with the whole internet firewalled except for these pieces. I`d lend like you say but not worry whether I saw it again having the CDs to consider but not run through only once more whether it be that the borrower had borrowed with the intention of onloaning and whether I had seen the gleam of my CDs future bouncing through time back to me, from a friend, or an enemy, either loaner or borrower would I trust to to actually play the thing, use their time with my possession, and be the wiser one for the having of the knowledge of what had gone on in the implied contractual obligation of either party, that I would not care. Theon`s grievances are a distraction; what we need is to keep those albums in their CD cases, the music is free^for~all.