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Top Ten Beatles Songs for a Lapsed Beatles Fan

By: Nick Southall

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Posted 01/25/2007 - 07:58:45 AM by florenz6:
 Revisting the Beatles is always fun! Well, I belong to those who were born before they split, so I have another approach. Interesting: your number one doesn´t ring in my head. Doesn´t know how it sounds at all. Your number two is the one i would immediately throw out of any Top 10 or Top 50-list of Beatles songs. But nearly all the other stuff is great - but (BUT!) the experience of listening to them for the first time (years and years ago) is sometimes overshadowed by the nostalgic factor, the kind of memory museum that is inherent in these pieces for people older than 40.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 09:16:27 AM by blackrooster:
 What, no "Get Back"
Posted 01/25/2007 - 10:13:37 AM by dleone:
 I actually agree w/Hey Jude -- someone never got totally sick of that. however, I think I am kind of sick of "I Am the Walrus". alternate choice: If I Fell
Posted 01/25/2007 - 10:19:47 AM by how2know924:
 i like this list. i'm glad someone else alludes to rediscovering the beatles, i'm 26 and i've probably rediscovered them 3 or four times by now. when you're a child, you like the energy and the early hits and maybe you get a thrill out of being scared by the white album and the darker psychedelic stuff. then maybe again during early adolescence (13 or 14), you get into Revolver and Rubber Soul. the again in the early 20s, when you're finally the same age the beatles were during the making of most of those songs. blah blah blah, anyway good call on "baby you're a rich man". it's funny how you can hear a beatles song throughout your life and never pay much attention and one day it finally "hits" you and becomes one of your favorites. that happened for me with "dear prudence" and "from me to you". one more thing: paul mccartney solo. i can't stress this enough because no one ever talks about it beyond his first solo album. start with that and then get everything else up to 1980's "McCartney II". a greatest hits won't do. the Wings albums are fantastic. i'd like to see a feature on this, no one takes mccartney seriously though. alright. there.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 10:19:47 AM by badhaircut:
 I put on The White Album for the first time in about a year before came across this article. It always feels good to come back to The Beatles, especially if you've never really overplayed them to begin with.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 10:20:06 AM by pmckay:
 Nick- you should check out the bootleg "Dr. Ebbetts Sound Systems" remasters of all the Beatle albums. It's a disgrace how bad the sonics are on the commercially-available editions-- Though they aren't real 'remasters,' but meticulously sourced 'needle-drops' that have been digitally sweetened, hearing them is like listening to the Beatles for the first time. And LOVE is a pile of dogshit.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 10:27:47 AM by Garret:
 "It's All Too Much," people.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 10:56:14 AM by keag76:
 Great article Nick. This is so difficult to do; it's like picking Jordan's greatest games. For my money my list would include "For No One", "I Will", "Dear Prudence", "I'm Looking Through You" to name a few.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 11:43:54 AM by AKMoose:
 I think it's worth nothing that it's not so weird that "Happiness as a Warm Gun" had a musicological analysis: a little browsing of that site shows the writer's done one for every Beatles songs. The way you wrote it made it seem like the weirdness of the song attracted a unique analysis.
Posted 01/25/2007 - 12:17:45 PM by cwperry:
 I've listened to The Beatles for 30 years and always hated Sgt. Pepper's, but recently made myself play it and was blown away by "Lovely Rita"--it sounded almost garage! Really enjoyed rediscovering that one.
Posted 01/26/2007 - 08:28:09 AM by florenz6:
 Too seductive not to do it. So, working with long-time memory-mode, these are my ten Fab Four-songs of pure magic: 1) For No One 2) Strawberry Fields Forever 3) Happiness Is A Warm Gun 4) All My Loving 5) Dear Prudence 6) Across The Universe (yes,yes,utterly sentimental, so what...) 7) Here, There and Everywhere 8) Nowhere Man 9)Help 10)I Will
Posted 01/26/2007 - 11:54:45 AM by grandbanks:
 Wasn't gonna touch this one, but fuck it. There are some songs I would like to see on here. Can't argue with "Baby You're a Rich Man," totally absurd hooks that killed me as a kid and still do (also doesn't reach the levels of ubiquity that most Beatles songs do. Probably has something to do with it). Also can't complain with "Rain" and "Paperback Writer." "Blue Jay Way/Flying" has always been and remains my favorite back to back Beatles moment. Harrison's tune was really weird and unique and is one of their more timeless (as in it doesn't sound very dated) songs. "Flying" is just a sweet anomaly that shows a side of the band I still like (plenty I never need to hear again). "Helter Skelter" is no less or more obvious than the rest of this list, but I remain interested every I time I hear the clanging open string hammered on the guitar. Totally unmusical for this band and pretty awesome. McCartney redeemed himself some on this one too, I guess. Other good shit, of course, but we'll leave it at that. Mainly wish "Blue Jay Way" got played on the radio instead of "Hey Jude" and countless others.