Stylus Magazine’s Top 15 Movies of 2006

By: Stylus Staff

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Posted 01/16/2007 - 06:10:11 AM by meatbreak:
 An inspired and infantile list and no mistake. Great call on Mr Lazarescu, though I considered it a comment on every health service, not just the Romanian one. I can see plenty of the British NHS in it. It's such a crushing sad and bizarre way to go, though wholly believable. Penelope Cruz in Volver? Whoah. Seriosuly. I rarely get that excited in the cinema and I don't mind admitting it about that film. Whoah. She is supernaturally beautiful in that film and tough as nails too. She wins the best woman ever award, if there is one. I'm surprised there's no Zidane here though, but maybe that is much more of a niche interest sports film. I don't know, it was a pretty powerful spectacle. And no Bond? Joking.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 06:37:03 AM by meatbreak:
 Brick is genius as well. Maybe not genius, but razor sharp, fast and slick, tightly scripted well acted and pretty funny, not to mention subversive. if anyone could understand it, I'd love to know how that went down in middle America. I haven't met too many British people who've seen it and the ones that have a completely split. I also enjoyed the Australian film Look Both Ways immensly, so this must be the first year ever where I have thought at least two Aussie films were worth shouting about (that and The Proposition). Scanner Darkly was good too, especially if you've done lots of drugs before because it's one of the first films to really get that squiffy unbalanced visual perception thing right (like Fear and Loathing did).
Posted 01/16/2007 - 06:50:48 AM by shady_lanes:
 Miami Vice?!? You have got to be fucking kidding with that one surely? If there was a more crushing disappointment from last year then I was fortunate enough to miss it as the agony of witnessing this utter crock will be etched on my retinas for many years to come.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 07:39:37 AM by meatbreak:
 What exactly did you expect Shady? It's a buddy-cop thing. Where else can it go but downhill from the credits? 36 (Quai des Orfèvres) is the best that kind of genre has to offer. Just wait until the American remake before the rest of the world hears about it and buries the incredible original beneath a slew of top 15 best film placements.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 07:48:31 AM by shady_lanes:
 With Mann at the helm I expected it at the very least to be the equal of Tango & Cash. How wrong I was. With regards to your alternative Ive heard a lot of very good whispers about 36 recently - me thinks the time has come for a sustained hunt.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 08:03:50 AM by meatbreak:
 Yes, do find it. it is excellent. As is 13, another French film about....a secret society game. Can't say any more else it ruins it, though annoyingly, so does the case and title screen of the DVD. Get it. Also, on the subject of numbers and French films, District 13 is stunning - the parkour in that is unbelievable, unlike Casino Royale, where it's just pedestrian.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 08:34:30 AM by duggie:
 I couldn't believe Idiocracy would be on any list. Then I saw that it only got one vote.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 10:19:06 AM by MEKsLP:
 Where is love for "The Descent". If there was ever a horror movie that deserved attention so far this decade is it is that (maybe next to Cabin Fever)
Posted 01/16/2007 - 10:25:43 AM by brente:
 Very good list. You missed Brick though. (I only mention it because you asked.) How the hell do I get my hands on this David Lynch movie?
Posted 01/16/2007 - 10:58:43 AM by KlausFraktal:
 Seriously though, why did Cuaron have to opt for the CG baby? It was kind of hard for me to connect when the lynchpin of humanity's future turned out to be a jerky bundle of clip-art.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 11:08:21 AM by cwperry:
 Lots of good stuff on here--my favorite was L'Enfant--but I'll never understand why The Queen is getting so much praise. I missed the boat on that one.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 11:10:10 AM by cwperry:
 brente: Inland Empire is still making the circuit in theaters (e.g. its Chicago premiere is later this month). No DVD release date is known at this time.
Posted 01/16/2007 - 08:27:32 PM by MonsterKids:
 Good calls, for the most part, and I'm really glad to see praise for "The Proposition", but one rather extreme omission makes this list sadly incomplete: "Crank". A movie that basically represents how, even in a world where "Crash" is considered to be a year's best film, folks remember how to mak a movie as sweet as possible. Classic one-liners, insane hand-violence, Dwight Yoakam as Doc... everything from the tagline ("Poison in his veins, vengeance in his heart"!!) onwards made "Crank" the most enjoyable film I've ever seen in a movie theatre and certainly one of the greatest overall I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. As Chev would say, "How fricking cool was that?"
Posted 01/16/2007 - 09:03:21 PM by eraserhead:
 This is one of the best lists I've read so far this awards season....except for the inclusion of Miami Vice. That seriosuly shocked me that it made the list. I don't see how L'Enfant and Miami Vice could be on the same list. If any popular/action movie was to make it I would have guessed Casino Royale. Whatever. I really liked Volver, but #2 seems somewhat high. I agree with everyone else on Brick as well, it should have made an apperance. These were my favorite films of '06 1.Children of Men 2.Inland Empire 3.Babel 4.Little Miss Sunshine 5.The Departed 6.Little Children 7.The Devil and Daniel Johnston 8.Sherrybaby 9.Pan's Labyrinth 10.Shortbus
Posted 01/17/2007 - 04:36:29 AM by asimler:
 Terrific list. I think you covered the year in film that was 2006. The only omission I can think of is 'Three Times', the great film from Hou Hsaio-hsien. And what about 'Army of Shadows'? OK, so the film is nearly 40 years old, but it did just receive it's premeier in the States last year. I'll be one of the few to defend 'Miami Vice'. Great mood piece that was boldly cinematic-that it totally defied everyone's expectations is obvious and serves as the icing on the cake. I'll also be the first to defend 'Idiocracy'. I thought its satire was more brutal (and hence better) than the somewhat overrated 'Borat'. I'm dying to see the new David Lynch-only one more week and it comes here to Chicago!!! Great list folks.
Posted 01/17/2007 - 10:21:50 AM by mpatton:
 I've seen a bunch of lists now, and was 2006 a horrible year? Even the "best" movies, were either flawed ("Children of Men") or photocopies of better works ("The Departed").
Posted 01/17/2007 - 02:19:18 PM by cwperry:
 eraserhead: Good call on Sherrybaby. Not until seeing that had I ever liked Maggie Gyllenhaal (or however you spell it). I would like to see some Oscar activity for her in that role--would be a spot better than yet another mimickry Oscar being handed out, this time to Helen Mirren for playing QE2 (or, in another category, Forrest Whittaker for playing Idi Amin).
Posted 01/17/2007 - 02:20:09 PM by cwperry:
 asimler: I missed the boat on Three Times--that was on my "worst of '06" list, but I understand I'm in the minority there.
Posted 01/17/2007 - 08:21:54 PM by asimler:
 cwperry, Three times on your worst list huh? Well, it's definitely a deliberatly paced film that's not for everyone. I admit that when I saw it in a theater I became a bit restless. I admired it, but was slightly disappointed considering the acclaim it received. However, I gave it another look on DVD and enjoyed a lot more the second time through. Some films are like that. One film that made my own ten best (#3 in fact) was 'The Science of Sleep'. What an underrated film.
Posted 01/17/2007 - 10:37:25 PM by :
 Children of Men at #1. Hooray, at last we have a semblance of consensus in the trenches beneath the sentimentalists above who`d happily opt for revisionist blue-screen plagiarism in United 93 and Inland Empire over the curse of Socha Bahen Corny and his delinquent troppo. Children of Men has a rubbish title though and leads to no unanswerable questions; those kind of stumped reviewers found themselves truncated unilaterally by their suspension of disbelief. No babies for 18 years? This should be a choice that the world can make on it`s own, to defy procreation & give the planet back to itself, thus bringing the film to its knees before the padded-over denouement.
Posted 01/18/2007 - 12:18:38 PM by cwperry:
 asimler: Yeah, I love deliberately paced films and typically love what everyone else finds impenetrable, and I went into Three Times with high hopes that got dashed quickly. Other favorites of mine this year aside from L'Enfant were A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, the Sally Mann documentary What Remains, and The Devil and Daniel Johnston. I'm really bummed out that I didn't catch Lazarescu or Half Nelson in the theatres.
Posted 01/19/2007 - 07:46:47 AM by subaudible:
 the best films i saw in a cinema in '06 were hidden by michael haneke, history of violence by cronenberg, and the new world by terrence malick. none of these made your list. i'm shocked! they were all incredible films by master filmmakers working at the height of their powers. oh, well - at least I have david lynch's next opus to look forward to whenever it comes to melbourne
Posted 01/19/2007 - 05:36:59 PM by moobear:
 Children of Men is set in 2027, it would be impossible for Theo and Julian to have met in the 1960s.
Posted 02/20/2007 - 12:12:55 PM by cwperry:
 subaudible: History of Violence was an '05 release.