Everything’s Great, And We Like Everything

By: Nick Sylvester

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Posted 01/20/2007 - 04:25:35 PM by krosshoff:
 whoa. i obviously can't speak to the particular evening you're discussing, since i wasn't there. (and since you've been "out of the club game," let me assure you that there are plenty of club nights that are not like this.) actually, i'm not quite sure how what you're describing is all that different from hollertronix or 2 many djs; it's seems like the same thing taken just a little further. anyway, like any other trend or style in music, there are people who do the ADD-mashup thing well and people who do it poorly. i saw greg gillis a.k.a. girl talk last night at johnny brenda's in philadelphia (totally fantastic venue, incidentally), and while i guess i could imagine someone there coming away with a reaction similar to yours...it just seems so decidedly counter to the spirit of the thing. sure, there are obnoxious, uninspired remixes. sure, people get drunk and idiotic and do performative "provocative" dancing that's not nearly as entertaining as they think it is. and, absolutely, dance clubs are always full of folks that are just not feeling it that night, that wish they hadn't let their friends drag them out, for whatever reason. i see how it can come off as cheap and aggressive and annoying. but...is it really so hard to see why it's fun? yes, it _is_ fun recognizing songs in unexpected contexts. recognition is a lot of the pleasure (and the point) of hooks. and i'm sorry, dancing is not really about loving music, or at least that's not all that it's about - and it's not "disrespectful" to the music to cut it short and layer it with something else. the hype-up mash-up djs are probably not taking themselves too seriously as "artists", at least not in that guise, but they probably are taking themselves seriously as entertainers - and a lot of the joy of the girl talk show was seeing greg just as excited and swept up in what he was creating as the mob of people partying on stage with him. anyway. hope that clarifies/complicates things for you somewhat. by the way, sorry you missed ghislain poirier - his set at the pitchfork fest this summer was fantastic (and not at all mash-up/poppy) cheers.