The Chronic vs. Doggystyle

By: Ian Cohen

Posted 12/14/2006 - 12:07:14 PM by :
 I had a huge crush on both Dre and Snopp as a youth so I'm not going to take sides here. Except to say that now I'd pick The Chronic by a long shot. back then it was all Doggystyle
Posted 12/18/2006 - 06:14:54 AM by meatbreak:
 How did I miss this? And why are there not hundreds of comments below, raging about the, ahem, chronic miscarriage of justice. Doggystyle, G's up, hands down, get you muthafuckas bounce to this. Always and forever, Doggystyle wins the battle of the G's. Listen up for my cover of Gin and Juice, coming whenever I get round to it. It'll wipe the floor with that Gourds one, for sho.
Posted 12/18/2006 - 06:40:21 AM by meatbreak:
 I say Pump Pump alot.