On Second Thought
Bob Dylan – Street Legal

By: Andrew Iliff

Posted 12/05/2006 - 08:04:55 AM by terrorist:
 really glad to see someone tackle such vital material and give it the second chance it never had through its two repressings a year for 30 years
Posted 12/05/2006 - 08:27:26 AM by raskolnikov:
 Why does anybody listen to Dylan after Blood on the Tracks and Desire? To solidify his reputation as a worthy musician, everything he released after 1975 should be suppressed, or put out under another name. Maybe like Robby Z and the Ziggurats, or Zimmie and the Hoefish. That would give the last 31 forgettable and embarrassing years of Dylan recordings a shiny new image to go with shiny new masters--an image that is much more reconcilable with his new role as advertising shill.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 08:31:37 AM by terrorist:
 because they think that if you're an artiste, everything you do is INGENIOUS, you never have an off day, or miss the mark, or do a shitload of heroin and fuck up your career. they think it's like inspiration from on high that dylan had access to even when he was just a pathetic junkie who couldn't think or feel anything. some junkies make ok music but dylan was not one of them.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 08:50:50 AM by raskolnikov:
 Terrorist hits the mark. Should Stylus make a top 10 list of junk-obsessed artists who actually made good records while strung out? Blonde on Blonde is a great heroin record, though, to be fair to the Minnesota Mauler....
Posted 12/05/2006 - 09:32:16 AM by :
 Oh I wouldn't necessarily say that. Iliff makes some pretty valid points on the subject of Christianity in Dylan's music, certainly the less arcane God-skirting rebelliousness we saw in his post Christian period output which embellished those lyrics with the penance of a Catholic confessional, and a misintuited whiff of the Hebrew texts, as those Dylan's personal access to the phylactery were under God's personal surveillance. Ostensibly, where it rocks out is where his phrasings' inseparable meter discontinues its underlying syntactical displacement of symbolic character codifications and is indigenized by Dylan's patriotic glamour you find in much of his 60s patent. This leads me to wonder whether Iliff with his static/energetic/static observances of Street Legal's whitely painted misogynist anti-stance on the back & blind alley's of love's recidivist schemings, has really fiddled with all the permutations that those justaposed ideologies gabble so influxiously with. But nice incisive rehab of the sound-wise muscles eh.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 09:33:27 AM by terrorist:
 fuck i forgot about blonde on blonde
Posted 12/05/2006 - 09:57:26 AM by :
 Top 10 best junkie musicians 1) Miles Davis 2) Iggy Pop 3) Charlie Parker and a million jazz musicians 4) Nick Cave 5) Johnny Thunders 6) Those guys from Jesus and Mary Chain 7) Elliot Smith 8) John Lennon 9) Nico 10) Topper Headon. I almost includified the guys from Skinny Puppy and David Gahan but thought better of it. NOTE CONSPICUOUS LACK of anyone from Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Ramones, Jane's Addiction, the Grateful Dead, Ministry, the Smashing Pumpkins, Babyshambles, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Nirvana.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 09:57:57 AM by :
 No Sublime either.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 10:00:13 AM by :
 i keep messing up, i meant primal scream not jesus and mary chain. bobby gillespie is so cool he scrambles my brainfire.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 10:48:04 AM by Hone_Heke:
 I forgetted John Cale but he would be 11) anyway.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 10:51:47 AM by terrorist:
 Yeah, some people think of Lou Reed as a junkie but he wasn't, he did speed, he fucking banged speed, can you imagine how awful that would be? When he wrote "Heroin" he'd never even tried it, which is obvs from the lines "when i'm rushin on my run/and i feel just like jesus son"--totally speed feeling, NOT dope. Bob Dylan should have written "Heroin" then it would be boring and stupid, right Meatbreak?
Posted 12/05/2006 - 11:45:45 AM by raskolnikov:
 Disexist--Topper Headon's a nice choice, but Miles did his best stuff on cocaine and LSD and disavowed his heroin years. Is that worthy of a #1 slot? The Cows should also be on this list.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 11:54:19 AM by terrorist:
 but since it takes five years of being clean till you're considered "cured" medically, i would have to chalk up his "Round Midnight" live performance in '55 to a junkie's handiwork. misses the cutoff by about a month.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 11:56:16 AM by :
 Fair enough, Raskolnikov, but yeah, what The-Terrorist said.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 12:24:28 PM by cumpny23:
 hey! weres the brian jonestown massacre????
Posted 12/05/2006 - 01:01:59 PM by raskolnikov:
 Where's the BJM? On an ego trip, of course...
Posted 12/05/2006 - 02:39:58 PM by terrorist:
 The Birthday Party are my fucking jam. Release the bats! Release the Bats!
Posted 12/05/2006 - 02:55:57 PM by terrorist:
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Posted 12/05/2006 - 11:40:19 PM by crackyardbetty:
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Posted 12/05/2006 - 11:43:00 PM by terrorist:
 The-Disexists' list made me listen to Straight to Hell while well stoned mate, which was quite rewarding. Then Guns of Brixton and Certified Murder.
Posted 12/05/2006 - 11:52:55 PM by :
 aw yeah crackyard. get the tin foil and an empty pen shaft. maybe break open a lightbulb and we'll tape a toilet paper roll around it. best for conducting heat at the perfect temperature for optimal crack vaporization. work it out girl. you smell like ether and ammonia, it's disgusting.
Posted 12/06/2006 - 12:10:39 AM by terrorist:
 crack is whack. i can barely read you jerks, i'm spendt. just spent 4 hours discussing and diagramming the apocalypse city, planning a trip to see the pretty christmas lightdisplays on the mobsters' one-familys (dyker heights), and looking at paintings at pabloamaringo.com . my fav artist of all time.
Posted 12/06/2006 - 12:18:35 AM by Hone_Heke:
 Love Amaringo's work! He's Peru's answer to Hundertwasser.
Posted 12/06/2006 - 12:45:15 AM by CokeAnnCowgirl:
 good artist if your a lord of the rings slave. it all looks a bit hindu happy to me
Posted 12/06/2006 - 12:51:16 AM by terrorist:
 it looks a lot like BRILLIANCE, you mean. love the ones with the flying humanoids and curlicues. brilliant like the song red right hand.
Posted 12/06/2006 - 01:02:09 AM by terrorist:
Posted 12/06/2006 - 01:08:07 AM by :
 All that said, it is time for this cat to ride his hydroponey to the Buffalo Shuffle. Boyness no-chase.