Movie Review

By: Jeff Weiss

Posted 11/08/2006 - 07:01:38 PM by idunnowhy:
 hope it gets released in more theaters next week
Posted 11/11/2006 - 05:31:44 AM by proffokker:
 Just saw the movie, and you pretty much captured my impressions....weird.
Posted 11/14/2006 - 09:01:31 PM by cables:
 Yeah, i just saw it as well. great review. dead on.
Posted 11/15/2006 - 06:00:37 PM by Utica5:
 part of the greatness of this film was exactly its outright mocking of rural america. in our backwards political dialogue, we seem to have decided that accomidating this kind of racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. is more important than correcting it. but one shouldn't forget the feminist interview, whose point was, i believe, to show how bad right-minded americans are at conveying their ideas. it's not just that a substantial portion of our population seems to be irreparably dumb; it's that the mildly smart ones have no idea how to go about fixing that.
Posted 11/22/2006 - 08:37:00 PM by pelicaine:
 genius, it was. almost flawless. and the movie's best moment is in the city i call home (when i don't feel like explaining where irving is).