On First Listen
The Boredoms: Vision Creation Newsun

By: Josh Love

Posted 10/24/2006 - 12:25:28 PM by Zarklephaser:
 Josh - this article is everything Alfred Soto's could have been - a completely fresh take on a classic Boredoms album, complete with interesting personal anecdote that leads into close analysis of particular moments in the album, and what makes them work (or not work) for you personally. For the record, this is my favorite piece of yours I have yet read.
Posted 10/24/2006 - 02:12:19 PM by meatbreak:
 Yeah, this is a really interesting read into someones first reactions - shame you've got into drums and stuff long before this. be interesting to see what a fret-wanking luddite would think to the intricate rhythms and photon acceleration of this. This totally caved my head in when I first heard it and about half way through sucked all the remains back up to the ceiling. Almost literally. Could have bene the drugs, but I've noticed this album do the same thing to me sober.
Posted 10/25/2006 - 09:55:57 AM by :
 On VCN the drums were merely dumbed down, summed into their separative parts, kick drum, high hat, bass & snare were lumped together leaving the ride room to roam at the drummer's drawn out runs with the engineer stunting the high end to flatten and accentuate the taiko's hollow bending of the lessened claustrocative, umm, fragrance, which is quite a poetic turn of phrase, the fragrance of a drum sound. What does it mean? Such trickery sends the ears fending off all sinal insinuations under the primal plundering of your pressure points. These recordings were all created some 18 years or more earlier and redistorted by vibe-shaping the higher sines and delaying the muffle by mere fractions of seconds, stilted though, bit by bit like a digitised version, and then when the technological actually improved they digitised it to remove all the pre-digitised glitch and give the effect of an analog colostomy bag being beated with a dildo. Never mind there are/were several thousand other J-kids doing exactly the same thing on their tatami mats. And that's where I turn against the B's. Too much plasticine, not enough evidence.
Posted 10/25/2006 - 10:57:27 AM by meatbreak:
 What can I say T-DS? You've outdone yourself with this one.
Posted 10/27/2006 - 09:48:25 AM by MonsterKids:
 I just ask that people please stop using the phrase "mind-fuck". I really don't want to associate this record with the image of an erect penis spearing a floating brain. Thanks.