Movie Review
The Science of Sleep

By: Jeff Weiss

Posted 10/04/2006 - 06:35:44 PM by Compunction:
 this review is exactly what i've been trying to tell my friends for the past two weeks. i can't say i'm not impressed by gondry's brilliant imagination and visual creativity; however, for me, this picture was far too much cutesy gimmick, not enough meat. FEED ME MEAT!
Posted 10/09/2006 - 06:48:43 AM by Bluesmoke:
 It's hard to say "You're wrong" to a reviewer, you can't contraddict opinions. What you CAN do is point out that he wrote "Kaufman", the name of a man who has nothing to do with the film in question, 10 times throughout the article. And 6 times in the first two paragraphs. What you seem to find this movie is lacking I find this movie didn't even want to address to begin with. You are not complaining because the movie failed to fullfill its objectives, you are complaining because it didn't fullfill YOURS. Bad review.
Posted 01/11/2007 - 02:31:46 AM by kamera:
 I'm not sure exactly how writers for Stylus are hired, but Mr. Weiss should be fired, and in return we should hire Bluesmoke. Now, to be fair, i don't really know Bluesmoke that well. So giving him the job might be a bit rushed. Perhaps he would serve better as an editor. Regardless though, Jeff gets the axe. But don't worry Jeff, I hear Pitchfork is thinking of starting a movie review section there. You'll fit in great!!