Regard, Regret: A Recursive, Revisionist History of the Jewish Avant-Garde

By: Jeff Siegel

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 When I first self-penned myself a sliding slur-phrase of indefinite angle as reductive-grammar against a measure of discursive notion, the results were less than endo-factory. A piano chord, a, one, not defined, but a chord nonetheless, a collective noun, a group of notes, a notes, notes, played together, with emphasis on the indefinite article to mean any, be it two notes or more, is a chord that never gets played. It`s pure exemplar in the mystical division of sounds before words even hit the stage. I can hear it in my head now, and it starts just as it finishes, with a mixture of definite divisions within a context of infinite boundaries. My own front guard, was more or less. And after penning said phrase, I rephrased it as chord, and chord unwound, and I became Jewish by secondarily reinstituting the notions of God`s expressionistic redemptive prayerbook. So there is a tone under the chord, and it`s cabbalistic outlook prevails. Unlike the article which is sempal and sturnstrong.
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 That must have taken you a while with a thesaurus. Shame it makes no sense at all.
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 Felix Mendelssohn was Jewish, and he was a great composer. (Although I don't know that he acknolwedged his own heritage...) Either way, this is actually informative and well-written. nice
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 Nostril sense? It makes nostril sense? To wit, to woo you buddy, disorientated you, think. Is it the sense of smell you speak of? Why don`t you sniff the screen here |---> ? <---| That would make better sense wouldn`t it? Hehe. Hic. Hick. Hyuk. Jihadist.
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 How do these failed undergraduate thesis papers end up on this site?
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 Exactly what I think everytime Disexists enters a post. As a regular reader of The Wire, I don't see half of his level of pretentious verbiage....and that magazine thrives on intellectualizing music. If Disexists was authentic, then I doubt he would be so thin-skinned in his replies to other readers...where his inner preteen comes out. Who is he trying to impress? Certainly he's not trying to communicate. He should save it for his dissertation, if he ever manages to finish it.