Eyes Wide Shut

By: Josh Timmermann

Posted 09/25/2006 - 08:53:10 PM by idunnowhy:
 yes! I always thought that Eyes Wide Shut has one of the best last lines in movie history. Up there with Some Like It Hot's "Nobody's Perfect."
Posted 09/28/2006 - 01:59:20 PM by Utica5:
 no! whenever people try to tell me how good Eyes Wide Shut was, they usually tell me about a specific symbol, or the significance of a seemingly unrelated story line, or they expound on the film's societal implications. but here's what I think sucks about the movie: it's heavy on sybols, significance, and social implications, but it lacks a functioning story. as you wrote, much of the plot contributes to a general feeling of confusion and mystery. but literary devices grow on narratives, not out of thin air. symbols without an independently functioning and gripping context lack meaning (not to mention impact). and as far as mood is concerned, you do that at the beginning, and then you write a fucking story. ignoring these basic traits of fiction was not bold, it was lazy. and the fact that most viewers were just pissed because they were expecting more tits shows what this movie was really about.