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Top Ten Songs Featurin’ Present Participles (Or Gerunds) With Dropped “G”’s

By: Theon Weber

Posted 09/22/2006 - 08:49:35 AM by raskolnikov:
 What a collection of shite. Nice conceit on the list, but come on--all of these songs are embarrassing at best.
Posted 09/22/2006 - 10:18:09 AM by bassman08:
Posted 09/22/2006 - 10:18:56 AM by bassman08:
 Oh, and raskolnikov, at least half of these songs are great. Stop Breathin' may be the best song on Crooked Rain. Ditto for Keep Fishin' on Maladroit.
Posted 09/22/2006 - 11:17:19 AM by kingsleyzissou:
 "Rockin' in the Free World"?
Posted 09/22/2006 - 11:23:31 AM by GavinM:
 Feelin on yo booty
Posted 09/22/2006 - 01:04:13 PM by Subwoofer:
 You don't really expect raskolnikov to praise something though, do you?
Posted 09/22/2006 - 04:39:22 PM by bassman08:
 Hmm...good point.
Posted 09/22/2006 - 05:30:04 PM by roadrunner:
 once again hip hop is ignored by the esteemed Stylus staff. "Buggin' Out," anyone?
Posted 09/22/2006 - 08:33:40 PM by bj_randolph:
 I don't think these are all gerunds. Some, like "Keep Finshin'" and "Tryin' to Throw..." are simply predicates. Not that this isn't a fun piece, mind you, I enjoyed it a great deal, but really, when your principal focus is grammar it calls for some vigilance on that front.
Posted 09/23/2006 - 02:35:07 AM by bs_k80:
 They're at least "participles." The inclusion of "Darlin'," however, is bewildering...