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Ghostface’s Top Ten Spoken Word Performances

By: Ian Cohen

Posted 08/18/2006 - 10:57:21 AM by Rodney_G:
 "Bisquits", motherfucker.
Posted 08/18/2006 - 05:17:51 PM by grodinsky:
 'my guitar'? JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 08/19/2006 - 11:42:07 AM by cwperry:
 This is as good a place as any to say that I laughed the other day when I heard a guy yell on the phone, "Come on, you sound like Tweety Bird, man!"
Posted 08/19/2006 - 11:23:37 PM by chuckchippie:
 "Something closely resembling Capri pants" is the best phrase I've read today.