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Top Ten Essential Stand-Up Comedy Albums

By: Todd Burns

Posted 06/16/2006 - 08:10:43 AM by J_R_K_:
 lenny is certainly funnier when not talking about legal trouble.
Posted 06/16/2006 - 08:58:45 AM by natakulata:
 I hate to be the guy who brings this up early Steve Martin? Really?
Posted 06/16/2006 - 10:25:29 AM by venezuelan1:
 Sorry, I hate to be a naysayer because this is a pretty good list, but there are some mistakes. Though it is the only Eddie Murphy that I have seen, "Raw" made me laugh out loud throughout the whole show. "Comedian" sounds inconsistant. Also, Andrew Dice Clay? Are you kidding me? Though I am more of a modern comedy fan, Dave Chapelle's "For What it's Worth" is better than anything Clay could ever hope to do. Also I hear early Woddy Allen is priceless. Oh and watch the typos, there are a couple.
Posted 06/16/2006 - 12:08:41 PM by hunky_dory:
 Denis Leary's 'No Cure for Cancer' is classic. Of course, it spawned that shitty novelty song 'I'm an Asshole,' but the standup itself is flawless. Worlds of obscenity were opened up to my 14-year-old self by this album. The bit about a guy with a voicebox ordering at the McDonald's drive through is priceless. Also, Leary provides us with this too-true maxim: Life sucks, get a fucking helmet. Question about Eddie Murphy's 'Comedian': Is it the same as his video entitled 'Delerious'? He tells the 'faggot section' joke and the Mr. T pedophile bit as well. Just curious.
Posted 06/16/2006 - 06:19:28 PM by oddman:
 Denis Leary's "No Cure" is disqualified for copping material from Bill Hicks. Check out Hick's "Dangerous" and "Relentless" for the real deal. Although maybe too recent to reflect on as classic, Lewis Black and Mitch Hedberg have put out some really funny material.
Posted 06/16/2006 - 07:35:11 PM by cwperry:
 My favorite comedy album is one that's not intended to be--Charles Bukowski's Hostage. Still available on Rhino, this poetry reading gone insane never ceases to crack me up.
Posted 06/17/2006 - 04:56:30 PM by syurix:
 Woefully Omitted *Doug Stanhope- Deadbeat Hero Confrontationally perverse, anti-authoritarian, and flooringly-wrong. Stanhope goes after American hegemony with born-again intensity on this thing, baiting the audience into going along with him on being "pro-cop" and "supporting the troops" only to turn it around with exquisite vitriol. The peak though, may be be the beyond-wrong bit about getting head from girl with a retarded conjoined twin. He volleys between sick and cerebral, drawing in constitutional law arguements, seinfeldian minutae, and unorthodox cases for genetic engineering with the sort of manic zest that, while you know there's other stuff in his system, seems superhuman on it's own.
Posted 06/18/2006 - 10:28:19 PM by clem_bastow:
 ZOMG where is Billy & Albert LOL
Posted 06/19/2006 - 01:09:48 PM by qwerty:
 No Derek and Clive. Boo.
Posted 06/21/2006 - 03:31:15 AM by proffokker:
 Sweet Jesus, how I love the homophobia. Mmm.
Posted 06/21/2006 - 10:55:33 AM by J_R_K_:
 there's a lot of good new comedy, patton oswalt, wurster & sharpling, kathy mcginty... but whateva. and dave chapelle's standup has never really been put out as an album has it? nor bill maher that i can think of. good call on bill hicks, oddman.