On Second Thought
Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll

By: Tim Ellison

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Posted 03/28/2006 - 07:45:52 AM by csweet:
 seems like you're starting your critique already disliking humor in music...as if 'real' music that should be christened in year-end lists can't be, FIRST, funny. sorry, devil's advocate here, i don't care for 'em either. ha!
Posted 03/28/2006 - 07:57:47 AM by dust_man:
 how significantly does a signifier have to signify to be significant?
Posted 03/28/2006 - 08:56:17 AM by wmdavidson:
 Wow, a band with a frontman that doesn't sound just like every other Britpop frontman. Guess they must be a comedy band. Or is it that anything with a less deadly-serious outlook than, say, Bloc Party indicates a comedy band?
Posted 03/28/2006 - 12:44:04 PM by Subwoofer:
 This album certainly has seemed to have got loved up the bum in the States.
Posted 03/28/2006 - 03:55:00 PM by lepton:
 I think the third-to-last paragraph sums it up perfectly. Bottom line is that the album is wildly asinine and THAT, if anything, would make it funny. Music can be intelligent, melodic, and humourous at the same time...Case in point: The Smiths. Of course, there will always be the fanboys who accuse the non-fans of having a bleak outlook on life because we don't find Art Brut's ironic self-proclaimed lack of irony appealing...
Posted 03/28/2006 - 10:55:14 PM by The-Disexists:
 Awesome! It turns out that the whole Stylus concept is really just a big comments box on Pitchforkmedia.
Posted 03/29/2006 - 05:16:55 AM by jed666:
 it ain't like he doesn't have a point though...f.a.b. "loved up the bum"? you cheeky brits