On Second Thought
RZA - Bobby Digital in Stereo

By: Ian Cohen

Posted 03/21/2006 - 12:17:38 PM by davefons:
 This album, like most second tier Wu albums, could probably find it\'s way onto the top shelf with some track trimming by the listener. Just like Forever, BDIS is an album full of potential that shows the Clan trying to take their sound to the \"next level.\" When it fails, it\'s pretty terrible, but when it\'s on point, it shows RZA was one of the most potent minds in the game. However, as you mentioned, what I think will keep this album out of the top tier, even after the subtraction of some subpar tracks and replacment by some overlooked b-sides is it\'s unsavory push for mainstream accpetance. It\'s still a good album, but I feel like it definitely started a trend for the MC who has fallen off far more than any other member of the Wu. On a sidenote, I think that No said Date will be the beginning of a cycle of wu albums that hasn\'t been touched since the Cuban Links, Liquid Swords, Tical, Ironman days.
Posted 03/21/2006 - 07:31:14 PM by PeteGuy:
 This is a well-written article about a truly exceptionally bad LP. I salute Ian Cohen\'s fan(atical) approach and dedication to a dead animal. This is the start and end of an overblown, overweight, over-sized egotistical beast. In Hip Hop terms this is saturation and dilutation in the extreme. My enduring memory of this LP is opening the packaging and a plethora of Wu-Wear sales catalogues falling out... Sorry. Stick with 36 Chambers.