TV Nation
The Internet Effect

By: George Jenkins

Posted 02/01/2006 - 10:01:41 AM by GavinM:
 Hey George, good piece. You can trace this fan interaction back to the deluge of fan letters that kept producers "uncancelling" Cagney & Lacey back in the '80s.

As far as more audience interaction, I think you're on the money. Reality TV depends on viewer interaction to guide the casting process (American Idol, Survivor). More and more viewers are playing executive by scheduling their shows when they want on TiVo.

Of course, the dark side to this kind of interactivity is when it becomes compulsory. Not everyone wants or cares enough about TV to tailor their viewing experience in every detail. As fans do more and more of the work for producers while producers shed more and more of their paid workforce (already writers and actors have suffered under the rule of reality TV), will we have to pay for our TV with our creative labor? It seems to make financial sense.
Posted 02/01/2006 - 01:22:38 PM by lospettaculo:
 Nice article. This reminds me a lot of the scenes in Fahrenheit¬†451 where the main character's wife interacts with the TV.
Posted 02/03/2006 - 04:53:39 PM by J_R_K_:
 i think the internet will affect tv in ways such as itunes video being a better barometer for what content is in demand. also, i think tv networks realized that cancelled shows like family guy was, still have audiences and are viable programs.