On Second Thought
Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Don’t Be Afraid Of Love

By: Matt Sheardown

Posted 01/24/2006 - 03:55:22 PM by gloden:
 It's articles like this one that help me appreciate the "On Second Thought" feature: shedding light on a not-too-distant album that's still capable of being saved from dust-bin obscurity. However, I think you missed the most unfortunate feature of this album. As a huge fan of Blown Mind, here's how I hear it: After losing one of the most distinctive vocalists in British music, the Lo-Fis stumbled big-time and tried to go the safe route by cleaning up their sound and hiring more mainstream-friendly guest vocalists, flailing for a hit single, rather than focusing on trying to write another great album, like their debut. This album, unfortunately, still stinks and, frankly, I think the Lo-Fis knew they couldn't make another great album without the Wrekked Train.